The Father Henri Bosmans (S.J.) (1852-1928) Archive

As a tribute to the Belgian historian of mathematics, Henri Bosmans, we present here an archive with information about his life and works and a complete database of his writings. Most of his publications have been in the Annales de la société scientifique de Bruxelles, Revue des Questions scientifiques and Mathesis, which might be difficult to find. As such, we respond to the unanswered call by George Sarton (1949) to bring Bosmans’ publications under the attention of a wider audience. This project will make available PDF scans of most of his writing.

For additions, corrections and other suggestions, please send an e-mail to albrecht.heeffer (at) at the Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science of Ghent University.


In preparation

Publications Database

An online database with all publication of Henri Bosmans. This bibliography started from the article by A. Rome (1929) which is fairly complete concerning articles, but leaves out several interesting reviews of books and other publications. Henri Bernard-Maître (1950) compiled a more comprehensive bibliography of Bosmans’ articles containing 241 entries. With currently 298 entries, our bibliography is the most complete resource on the publications by Henri Bosmans.

Some explanation:

[Rxxx] refers to the index in the bibliography of Rome

[Bxxx] is the entry number of the item in Bernard-Maître’s bibliography

Question and answer numbers from Intermédiares des Mathématiciens and Bibliotheca Mathematica are referred to by [Qxxxx] and [Axxxx] respectively. Comments on Cantor’s Vorlesungen in Bibliotheca Mathematica are indicated by [Cvppp] with v: volume and ppp: page number.


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Other publications related to Bosmans

Paul Van Praag (1997) Simon Stevin, in La Bibliothèque de l'Université de Mons-Hainaut 1797-1997, éd. de l’UMH, 1997, pp.135-139.

Paul Van Praag (1997) Les nombres décimaux illimités, éditions du CREM ,1997.

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Commemorative symposium on Henri Bosmans, ULB, Belgium, 12 and 13 May, 2006 (programme)