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Gentzen-style sequent calculus prover

Dorota Leszczyñska's Socratic proofs for modal logics


Choose a modal logic:
Logic: K D T KB K4 K5 DB D4 D5 B K45 D45 S4 S5

Press send for the proof of this example, or edit the input fields for a different problem

Some guidelines:
'-' is classic negation ¬
'@' is possible ◊
'#' is necessary
Always use a space before a '-' and '~'
For '◊◊p', use brackets: @(@ p)
use a space before and after disjunction ∨
The proof is shown using Gentzen-style sequents with a number indicating the level on which they appear

Based on: Dorota Leszczyñska (2004) "Socratic Proofs for Normal Modal Logics: A Right-sided Approach ", To appear.