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Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate of Logic, History and Philosophy of Science

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Practical Information

Study Program: See the course catalogue

Teaching language: English

Enrollment fee: 63 EUR.

General information for foreign students: http://www.ugent.be/en/degree/

General information for Flemish students: http://www.ugent.be/nl/studenten

Helpdesk 'Student administration':
Contact the helpdesk of the Central Student Administration Office by telephone or e-mail:
tel. +32 9 264 36 09 and tel. +32 9 264 30 21
e-mail: admission.studadmin@UGent.be

Further information on the contents of the study:


The curriculum is meant for masters in philosophy as well as for masters in a specific science. To philosophers it offers an advanced technical schooling in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science, as well as in the application of these techniques to scientific disciplines. For other masters, the curriculum mainly aims at teaching them to apply the rather technical insights of the three meta-disciplines to their own scientific field. As far as non-philosophers are concerned, the curriculum does not only aspire to educate scientists to do research in logic, history of science, and philosophy of science, relying on their previously obtained disciplinary training. It also seeks to educate them, thanks to a thorough training in the three meta-disciplines, to perform better by becoming able to locate their scientific presuppositions and to coin variants for them.

In the general courses, insights and techniques from logic, history of science, and philosophy of science are introduced in a systematic way. In the optional courses, these techniques are concretely applied to specific reading material and specific research tasks.


Study Course
1 year, 60 study points

In the first semester, the students select subjects for a total of 18 ECTS from a list of four offered packages: logic, history of science, philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of science. In these courses, the basis of these disciplines is studied at an advanced level. In the second semester students choose 1 module as specialisation option for a total of 16 ECTS. Another total of 8 ECTS can be chosen freely from the two not chosen modules within the specialisation option.

Both the specialisation option courses and the elective courses aim at an in-depth exploration, in agreement with the contemporary international state of the art, of certain topics for which competent teachers are available. Students combine the distinct viewpoints acquired in the first semester in performing the tasks required for the specialisation option courses. Each student is assigned specific tasks that depend on the students' earlier training and current aims. This makes it possible to impose on the students the high demands made necessary by the intensive training that the curriculum aspires to offer.

The dissertation (18 ECTS, 50 to 70 pages) comes to the equivalent of two publishable papers. The structure of the curriculum allows for a good preparation of the (limited number of) students to the dissertation.

For an overview of the curriculum, see PostGraduate LHPS.


At most 10 students are admitted per year to the postgraduate curriculum in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science. The following categories of students can apply for this postgraduate curriculum:

  • students holding a diploma of master (or equivalent)
  • students who will obtain a diploma of master by October 1st

Admission to this curriculum is based on a strict selection procedure. Candidates are required to prepare an application package containing:

  • a complete CV
  • a cover letter: the candidate is expected to offer an excellent motivation and to show a broad interest for -- and deep acquaintance with -- methodological problems of his or her discipline; it is expected moreover that the candidate will manifest interest in pursuing a PhD proposal or will otherwise illustrate how the curriculum will be relevant for other professional interests;
  • a study course proposal: the candidate is required to indicate which courses he or she intends to follow, justifying the choice on the basis of interests and further academic or professional plans;

Prospective candidates are required to send the application package by email to LHPS@UGent.be before April 1st. Late applications will be considered on the basis of still available positions. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview (we acknowledge the possibility of online interviews). Admitted students will be required to show they satisfy the general admission requirements concerning language proficiency and basic diplomas, as required by the Formal Admission Requirements.

Useful links

Here are links to the research groups of some teachers in this postgraduate program: