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Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions
Postdoctoral Fellow of Ghent University 
Member of the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Ghent University

Previous Positions
Visiting Scholar at the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University, Sweden (2013)
Visiting Scholar at the Department of Philosophy, New York University, USA (2011-12)
Postdoctoral Fellow of the Research Foundation (FWO), Belgium (2004-2010)
Visiting Fellow at CEPERC and GREQAM, Université de Provence, France (2010)
Visiting Fellow at the
Department of PhilosophyKonstanz Universität, Germany (2009-10)
Visiting Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, London (2007)
Fellow at Rationalités Contemporaines (Université Paris IV Sorbonne), Institut Jean Nicod, École Normale Supérieure, Paris (2006-07)
Postdoctoral Fellow of Ghent University (2003-04)
Research Assistant of the Research Foundation (FWO), Belgium (1999-2003)
Researcher on project Functional and Teleological explanations. A Philosophical Analysis funded by the Research Foundation (FWO) (1999)

Education Ph.D. (Philosophy): Ghent University (2003)
M.A. (Contemporary History): Ghent University and Universidad de Salamanca (1998)
Academic teacher training (Philosophy): Ghent University (1997)
M.A. (Philosophy): Ghent University (1996)

Supervising Projects Co-supervisor of the research project: ‘Science, expertise and democracy.‘ (FWO, 2010-2014)
Co-supervisor of the research project: 'A pragmatic theory of scientific explanation' (FWO, 2009-2013)
Co-supervisor of the research project: ‘Interdisciplinarity, causation and explanatory pluralism in the biomedical sciences.’ (FWO, 2007-2010)
Co-supervisor of Laszlo Kosolosky's PhD-project: 'Science, expertise and democracy.' (2010-2015)
Co-supervisor of Jan De Winter's PhD-project: 'The exclusion of social groups and their perspectives from the scientific debate: problems and remedies.' (2009-2014) - PhD obtained January 2015.
Co-supervisor of Raoul Gervais’ PhD-project: ‘Development of a pragmatic theory of scientific explanation in biology and psychology.’ (2009-2013) - PhD obtained May 2013. Co-supervisor of Rogier De Langhe’s PhD-project: ‘A model-based approach to problems in the philosophy of social science.’ (2006-2010) - PhD obtained April 2010.

Refereeing Work

For journals: Philosophy of Science, European Journal of Philosophy of Science, Synthese, Perspectives on Science, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, American Political Science Review, Political Studies (UK), Social Studies of Science, Theoria. An International Journal for Theory, History and the Foundations of Science, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Philosophical Psychology, Theory and Science, Philosophical Explorations, Topoi, Graduate Journal of Social Science, Erasmus Journal of Philosophy and Economics, Philosophica, Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, Ethiek & Maatschappij. For publishers: Routledge, Edward Elgar and Bloomsbury Publishing.

Scientific Committees

ENPOSS 2017 Conference (European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences) Progam Committee member.
SPS 2012 (Société de Philosophie des Sciences) Program Committee member.
EPSA 2011 (European Philosophy of Science Association) Program Commitee member.
SSD 2006 Congress Chair of The Social Sciences and Democracy: a philosophy of science perspective.
CENSS 2002 Member of the Organizing Committee of Causation and Explanation in the Natural and Social Sciences. 
Member of the advisory committee of the Duhem Lectures 2012 (on the theme Risk and Expertise), Paris, organized by SPS (Société de Philosophie des Sciences).
Member of the evaluation committee and public examination jury of Leen De Vreese’s Ph.D. thesis on Causal Pluralism (23 & 30 October 2006)
Member of the doctoral guidance committees of Rogier De Langhe (2006-10), Jan De Winter (2009-2015), Raoul Gervais (2009-2013) and Laszlo Kosolosky (2010-2015).

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